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In the new world, we have so many different innovations. And one of these innovations is the social media. Nowadays especially, the social media is the most important change about technology. And in this situation we have some pros and cons. So now I will present this subject with two different sides.


Social media is a great power in these days. It helps people to find their old friends, relatives and even their old loves. It helps people to remember the past and it makes people pleasant about the days before now. Because sometimes people can see their old deskmates at Facebook or they can find their old neighbor at Twitter. So it is useful for the people who want to find somebody or some community.

On the other hand social media provides lots of business opportunity. For example in a social media company you need at least one or two social media specialist. Because in these companies you need someone or somebody who would run the social media accounts and arrange the whole systems. So in this respect social media provides people some new jobs and positions.

Social media also ensures new informations. Because in the past if people had a problem, they have to reach the call center and it was soo devastating for them. All paperworks and political process was so tiring and endless. But now you can reach the exact person that you want at Twitter. For example think about the Netherlands. If there would be a blackout in a town of the Netherlands, people will start to send tweets to local mayor about it and they would solve the problem. And if mayor can’t help them, they will probably try to tweet the Ministry of Interior and it would lead to the permanent solution. So social media helps to people to reach whoever they want to connect with.

Also social media provides the current news. If something happens in South Africa, the eskimos can learn about this event in couple of minutes. Social media gives the people lots of possibility to find the truth. Now people don’t need big encyclopedias for research, science, history or philosophy. They can just look up to Google. And even “Google” has a new verb in the English language. When someone say to you “google it”, it means look that in Google. Same as Google now Twitter, Facebook and Instagram helps to people what they want or looking for.

Lastly, social media is now an e-commerce area. If you want to buy a watch, just follow a Instagram account which sales watches and text them. If you want Playstation games, books, clothes and even perfume you just need to search the accounts of these subjects and follow them. At the end you can buy your phone case at Instagram, you can order a jacket which is same as your favorite TV character’s jacket and etc. As a result social media can provide everything you can imagine.


Meaningless, Social media is literally a rubbish bin. Because in this meanless area all you can get is an waste of time. OK we accept there is a little part of it still has good sides but if you look at the whole picture you would see this part is insignificant.  Because nowadays social media is harming people more than helping them. It causes weak, poor human relations. Forwhy in the social media, people think that they are the most powerful person in the whole world and they write all kinds of lies you can imagine and sometime you even can’t imagine. They usually have cheap, easy friendships and they don’t have any meaning in their life. So I think social media makes people insincere and hypocritical. We saw people that cheated on their wives at the social media. I saw on that news a couple of months ago. A man shares his new house’s key with “we bought this beautiful house in …….. address and now we are going a holiday. ” So after that a burglar saw this sharing in the a social media. He copied the key from picture and he stole everything in that new house because he knew that the family were on the holiday during this time! So it is a little dramatic but social media makes as zombies just like that.

Another problem is about fake news. Social media is a power now and it’s an unrestrained power. Sometimes people that have bad intentions using this power. They release fake news in all social media and portrait you as a criminal or as an innocent man. So it’s make you believe something is not true. That means social media is a cheat in itself. From this point of view being isn’t it normal for social media users cheated also? I think we both know the truth. So that’s why social media is a weapon for powerful and corrupted people aganist society.

Social media forces people in grouping about everything. Somebody opens a group named “Queen Lovers” and it is dividing people in two sides. One is who loves the Queen and one is who hates the Queen. There aren’t any middle thoughts because there should be just two sides. Sometimes it causes racism and sexism. So simply social media forces people to have a group or a union because otherwise at the end of the day you would be a lonely and pathetic person(!).

I have two more arguments about this and one of these is waste of time. Sometimes you pick up your phone just for a couple of minutes and after a while you realize that you have wasted maybe one or two hours on social media. And the last is how it affect the teenagers and children. Nowadays it is getting worse and worse because teenagers and children can reach the social media so easily. Families need to say stop this madness otherwise the consequences will be irreparable. Social media affects them more then adults. Their pure minds getting dirty with most of this rubbish sharing. They can have an account easily which means they can talk with any person they can. It can cause more damage than parents imagine. So social media is dangerous for adults but especially children, teenagers. We must keep their minds clean and pure as much as we can.

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  1. “We must keep their minds clean and pure as much as we can.” Congratulations for this article so article was intriguing. I am waiting your articles that other subjects.


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